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Sunday, Apr. 10, 2005 @ 11:04 a.m.

As a principle of anonymity, I should give nicknames to protect the identities of the people I talk/gossip/bitch about. And so yeah, it's for my own protection as well :)

I guess this page will change constantly, just as people come and go. Some will be more permanent than others, while other people that I haven't talked about in a while will probably be deleted. Duh.

So here goes.

  • fiendling - Formerly known as "ashre". We go way back. She was the first person I came out to, so there's this very special bond there. Except when she calls me Mr./Lord/Sir Twinkles. I still hate that name. She has a diary here.

  • French Fitch - My boyfriend :) Love him to death. He's gorgeous, yummy, and very Abercrombie & Fitch (and hence the nickname) :P~ How we met was rather unusual and serendipitous, and I wrote a whole entry just about that.

    Update: As of January 16th, 2007, French Fitch is now my ex-boyfriend.

  • Idiot von Scheißer - My ex before French Fitch came along, whom I have deep contempt for. 'Scheißer' means 'shit' in German, and this idiot was German by descent, and hence this nickname. Read about his idiotic antics here.

  • Louis - My best friend ever since I "discovered" West Hollywood. Gay. Not his real name. He's a myriad of personalities (and mood swings), but that only makes him so much more interesting. I tell him everything, as does he to me. He has this amazing "talent" - just name a song, and he'll tell you all the Billboard chart positions that it's ever been on, how long it stayed on the charts, and so on. All the way back to the 1970's. Amazing.

  • Smelly Cat - Me lil' kitty :) She's really not smelly, but I like to pay homage to my favorite character, Phoebe Buffay from "Friends".

  • Tarzan - Another good friend. Also not his real name, also gay. I'm calling him Tarzan because I think he looks like Brendan Fraser. I know Brendan Fraser was George of the Jungle, not Tarzan, but I'm calling him Tarzan, SO THERE. For some reason, most people I introduce him to (including Louis) thinks he's very hot, but I just don't see that. I used to think that he was very level-headed, but he's leading the more free-spirited life these days. I don't get it, but I guess I don't have to... if I'm his good friend all I have to do is to support him. I guess. He recently moved to New York. More on that here and here.


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